The Writing Process – Part Two of Two

I had discovered I needed to put my 80,000 word book aside, and start The God Franchise. It was quite a daunting task.

Once again starting from scratch, I weaved my way through the chapters. I started researching the question of whether God exists or not, as I felt that determining this was paramount. The details of all this research is placed in the appendices of The God Franchise, as optional reading.

I have always been fascinated by the story of the Creation and Adam and Eve as described in the first three chapters of Genesis in the Bible. So I worked through these verses, one by one, and just wrote what came to me as being the deeper meaning of the biblical story. This analysis covers just two chapters of my book, yet the implications of what I discovered run through the whole book. The more I wrote, the more I felt inspired to write. There were whole chapters of the book that just revealed themselves to me. I did not have specific knowledge or a particular plan of what I was going to say; rather I just allowed whatever came up to be what I needed to write. It was really interesting reading back what I had written, and thinking Wow! So that’s how it works!

Over the next six months I researched further and allowed the book to write itself. I read and reorganised, and was inspired to write more. By March 2011 I had a book that made a lot of sense to me, and that contained some very interesting concepts and explanations of why our world is as it is, and why and how The God Franchise affects each of us in every moment. Here I now had a “theory of everything”, and it was time to share it.

The fact that The God Franchise was listed as a finalist (4 out of 57 entries) in the top NZ mind-body-spirit writing competition, the Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust Unpublished Manuscript Awards 2011, was very encouraging.

This is a fascinating book. I have read it many times now, and each time I enjoy reading it. I enjoy the way it is phrased. I like the sense of fun, yet underneath the real deep truth about life and how it works. The God Franchise has been a real inspiration to me and I trust that you will find it as interesting and inspiring as I do.

It is great, if I say so myself!!!