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Writing The God Franchise: A Potted History

The process of writing my first book, The God Franchise, is very interesting, and I thought I would like to share it here.

I started way back in 2003 writing a book which I called Life Magic: Your God Franchise. The emphasis was on various aspects of Life and how we could perform magic on our lives, Life Magic being defined as “the art of creating your own experience of life at will”. The first half of the book covered principles, and the second half practice. After writing for about six months, I realised that the book needed, and I needed, more practical experience of what I was writing about.  

Accordingly I took some training on spiritual healing (late 2003), and set up practice as an energy healer in 2004, using the name Life Magic Associates. In 2004 I flirted with Life Coaching and completed the NLP Practitioner Course, adding Neuro-Linguistic Programming to my practical offering. I also became interested in bio-energetics and even bought a BioMeridian MSAS Professional System at the end of 2004. This system is used to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of a person’s energetic health and balance, as well as producing an energetic homoeopathic-like remedy to aid the client regain their health. 

Unfortunately I soon realised that the MSAS was far too subjective in that I was able to directly influence it, and I did not have the background health knowledge to support any conclusions reached by the machine. So through 2005 and 2006 I attended a Naturopathic College fulltime, with the intention of learning all I needed to support my healing work. By mid-2006 I came to the conclusion that the more medical aspects of the course were not for me, and decided to leave before the final year of studies. In 2007 and 2008 I attended all the modules of The Journey Practitioners Programme, as well as completing the 45 case studies that are required. During 2007 I also undertook a course in copywriting, and started working in that field, undertaking a number of interesting projects. In addition, in 2008 I completed the Master NLP Practitioners Course. 

I received my accreditation as a Journey Practitioner in January 2009, and have been practising as a Journey Practitioner since then in what was now termed the Life Magic Healing Centre. For almost 3 years I had premises just off the local high street, but had to move out when my landlord decided to retire.  

In December 2009 I joined Brandon Bays, the founder of The Journey, and about 140 other Journey Practitioners on a three-week spiritual tour of India. We visited Delhi, Rishikesh, Lucknow, Varanasi, Sarnath, Bodh Gaya, Tiruvannamalai (Mt. Arunachala) and Mamallapuram. On my return from India in early January, I was in a state of openness about my life, and decided, after a couple of days, that now was the time to complete my book!

For the first half of 2010 I worked on writing a book which I gave the working title of Stop the Search. Then in August 2010 I suddenly realised that another book had to be written first: The God Franchise. So setting all I had written aside, I started again. This time the work flowed and the book soon started taking shape.

By March 2011 The God Franchise was complete, had had its first edit by a friend, and I was able to enter it into the prestigious Ashton Wylie Trust Unpublished Manuscript Award 2011. By the end of August The God Franchise had been nominated as a finalist (4 out of 57) in the competition, and I decided that self-publishing was the answer for this book. 

The God Franchise: A Theory of Everything was published 25 January 2012, a mere 5 months after I had decided to take that route. In that time I had obtained permission to use various quotes, had the book professionally edited, had the cover and interior professionally designed, and set up a printer (Lightning Source in Australia, US and UK). Phew!

Now all that is left is to entice you to buy a copy. How about it? Try Amazon.com or your favourite online bookshop – a full list of stockists  is available at http://publishing.lifemagic.co.nz. 

Thank you. Please blog your thoughts and queries after reading The God Franchise in the Q & A section of this site, and let’s get to it.

Why Is So Much Wrong with The Creation?

Why is there so much around us that appears to be the exact antithesis of what one would expect God to create? If God is still creating His Creation through us as I said in my last blog, why is there disease, poverty, war, corruption, danger, and death? Philosophers ask how God can be omnibenevolent in the face of all these dreadful occurrences if He is also omniscient and omnipotent. The argument is that if God knows about Evil, as He is omniscient, and is powerful enough to destroy all Evil as he is omnipotent, how can He be omnibenevolent if He allows Evil to occur? This is the so-called Problem of Evil.

Let me say that while God is the creator, His creations are filtered through our physical being, including our Egos. If our Ego is so big that we want to interfere with the creation, or so big that we think we have greater skills than we really have, we are dumbing down the creation. Our Egos can even pervert the creative process so that what starts as a benign discovery (e.g. atomic power, motion pictures) is directed by Ego into being something we can view as being very evil (e.g. nuclear weapons, child pornography).

Over the next few blogs I am going to cover what I see as some of the filters that seem to affect and possibly minimise the on-going creation work of God-Consciousness. We will start by looking at you and me, and the other 6,999,998 people in the world, as most of the trouble starts here. The Ego has a lot to account for!

Despite these unhelpful filters, and despite the apparent “wrong” or evil that we see in the creation, in the universe around us, the reality is that you are looked after by God-Consciousness just by being a perfectly open channel for His creation. All you need will flow to you as well, including money as the current common exchange unit. You are constantly in the presence of creation. It is happening all around you.

So, is there much wrong with this creation? Could you have done a better job? I believe the next few blogs will clarify why things are as they are, and why the universe is in fact the best possible universe, and why everything is “right” just as it is.

I hope you will bow with me in awe to the whole of creation!

(Parts of this blog are quoted from Chapter 14 of my book, The God Franchise)

My First Copy of The God Franchise

I must interrupt my ruminations on God and the universe to say that today I received my first copy of The God Franchise from the printers. It looks brilliant and I am thrilled with how it has turned out. It is a proper book!

I have immediately put in an order for 250 copies so that I can supply my manuscript readers and supporters, and then have some to sell directly myself as well as supply a few selected New Zealand mind-body-spirit bookshops.

Most sales will be through online bookshops worldwide, and these will shortly be updated with the book. Then you can order your copy of The God Franchise :-). Don’t worry, I will keep you posted.

Did I say how lovely the book is? And how proud I am of it?

God is Immutable

Yes, God is immutable (unchanging through time). God-Consciousness is and always will be God-Consciousness. God Himself is unchanging in that He has no need to change in His formless state. With His presence in the Eternal Now, there is no need to change in essence. Nevertheless, from the viewpoint of His Creation, there is all that change, growth, evolution, experience, invention, and development offers. God-Consciousness experiences movement, change, life, joy, and excitement through our Higher Selves. This is within His overall immutability.

Experience does not change God-Consciousness in essence as He has no need to change. Experience is experience and that is all it is. God is beyond time and is already conscious of past, present and future without taking the experience of free will away from His Creation.

Taking mathematical laws as an analogy, we can say that 1 + 1 = 2 is an immutable law. In fact all mathematical and physical laws are unchanging, assuming of course that they have been correctly formulated in the first place. If they have been incorrectly stated, all we need to do is correct the error. It is not that the law was wrong in itself or that the law was not immutable, but merely that Man made an error in its expression.

So, God-Consciousness is like the immutable mathematical law 4 + 3 = 7, and His experience (in time) being the figuring out of the value of  a  in the equation,

Formula is 2 squared plus the square root of a equals 7

The mathematical law is immutable, but in time there is the experience of solving the equation. In other words, having fun and experience within time.

As we have said, we cannot break physical and mathematical laws. They are what they are as immutable facts, and we live within those constraints. In truth, we would not be alive unless those constraints were in place. The universe only works as it does because of those immutable physical and mathematical laws.

God, so far beyond His Creation that He is really beyond our comprehension and description, can nevertheless be accepted as being as immutable as His laws.

(Parts of this blog are quoted from my book, The God Franchise)

Do We Have Free Will?

Happy New Year, everyone. This is a good time to look at whether we have the free will to make New Year’s Resolutions and succeed with them – or is it a lost cause and, ultimately, we have no free will.

The following question was raised by Thirdobservation in Q & A: “I read your three omni-posts and have a question about free will. In your last one you say we have free will but how can that be if God knows everything and is all powerful? If I personally decide something with “free” will then I have that power to decide, so I have that specific power and not God.

“You might say he could override me (but he doesn’t, or it isn’t free) or he had the power to give me free will but at the point of making the decision it is my power to decide (so he can’t be all powerful) and presumably because it is my choice then God doesn’t know the outcome of my decision until I declare it so then he isn’t all knowing.

“How do we have free will?”

The answer, in short, is Yes – we have total and absolute free will. This is part of The God Franchise that we have individually been given. If we go back to the very start, with the allegory of Adam and Eve, God gave them (and us) free will, and although they were warned not to, they had the free will to eat of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. I discuss the implications of this in great depth in the book. But for now, about free will …

Let’s assume we have total free will and there is no God. Today, we decide with total free will to do number 82 of 100 options. If we look back at that tomorrow, we can say with certainty we freely chose option 82 of 100 options. Now, if we add a God who can see the past, the present, and the future, and if He were to focus on tomorrow, He would merely see that we had chosen option 82 out of 100 options with our free will. It is that simple. This does not compromise either His omniscience or our free will.

If God is omnipotent, does that mean that He has the power and I don’t? There are two major reasons God is omnipotent: First is that He was/is the prime cause of everything and He could not make anything more powerful than Himself.

Second, He, God-Consciousness, is the substance or essence of everything. There is nothing that exists that is not made up of the fabric of God-Consciousness. If it was meaningful to say this, you could say that God is the sum total of all His various expressions or forms, and therefore however powerful any one of those forms might be, it is still a subset of God-Consciousness, and there are gazillions of other expressions or subsets that make up the totality of God-Consciousness. Logically, the totality must always be greater than any individual subset.

The first concept to get our heads around is that our being, that you and me, are not separate from God-Consciousness. From God’s perspective, He is the totality of everything that exists, and through that is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent. From our individual perspective we are merely a splash of water in His Ocean.

Of course we have free will. Why would God create a bunch of automatons? What’s the fun in that?

So make those New Year’s Resolutions freely, and you have the power to decide personally and freely whether to carry them out or not. You have total freedom and responsibility in doing that. Thank God!

(Parts of this blog are quoted from The God Franchise)

The God Franchise Chapter Headings

What a busy week, reading and rereading the manuscript, getting it ready for typesetting! Thank goodness for my excellent copyeditor and proofreader, Judith.

 It is time to share the chapter headings with you – here is a sneak preview.

 Part One

Does God Really Exist?


Chapter 1     Who or What is God?

Chapter 2     The Arguments For and Against God

Chapter 3     The Nature of God

Chapter 4     Consciousness


Part Two

What is The God Franchise?


Chapter 5     In the Beginning…

Chapter 6     The Story of Adam and Eve

Chapter 7    “But I Don’t Believe in Adam and Eve”

Chapter 8     Before the Creation and Why There is One

Chapter 9     Thoughts on Time and Space

Chapter 10   God’s Plan – the Ultimate Game

Chapter 11   The God Franchise

Chapter 12   Who Am I Then?

Chapter 13   The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

Chapter 14   Creation and the Filters on It

Chapter 15   God’s Laws


Part Three

Comparing Our Beliefs


Chapter 16   Can We All Be Right?

Chapter 17   Approaching God

Chapter 18   Does God Exist?

Chapter 19   Is God One or Many?

Chapter 20   Is God a Personal God?

Chapter 21   Are God and His Creation One and the Same?

Chapter 22   Are There Many Paths or Only One?

Chapter 23   What Happens After We Die?

Chapter 24   Is Religion Necessary?

Chapter 25   What is Special about Humanity?

Chapter 26   Does Our Morality Come from God?

Chapter 27   So, What is Our Primary Problem?

Chapter 28   Why is it the Ego’s Fault?

Chapter 29   So, Do We Need to Strive for Anything?

Chapter 30   Are We There Yet?


Part Four

Daily Living as a God Franchisee


Chapter 31   What it All Means

Chapter 32   Taking Wise Action

Chapter 33   Secondary Gains

Chapter 34   Applying the Law of Manifestation

Chapter 35   It is All About Beliefs

Chapter 36   Your Environment

Chapter 37   Loss and Destruction           

Chapter 38   Sin and Temptation

Chapter 39   Judgement and Forgiveness           

Chapter 40   Working with Universal Law

Chapter 41   Prayer, Intuition and Inspiration

Chapter 42   God’s Grace

Chapter 43   Connections and Relationships

Chapter 44   So What is the Purpose of Life?


Part Five

Reaching a Conclusion


Chapter 45   What If The God Franchise is True?

Chapter 46   Benediction


The Appendices

Appendix I    The Atheists’ Case

Appendix II   The Scientists’ Case

Appendix III  The Theory of Evolution

Appendix IV  The Theists’ Case

Appendix V   Changing Horses