The Creation Continues …

I used to hold the idea that God had created only the natural world of Earth, the Sun, the Moon, and the stars. God had created the humans, the animals, the plants, and the minerals. God had created the atom, the 94 chemical elements that make up the physical world, and so on. I also believed that Man had created the invented world that we see around us: the buildings, the cars, the space shuttles, the computers, the CDs, DVDs, iPodsTM and iPadsTM, the clothes, the sculptured gardens, the genetic modifications, the hybrids, and essentially the whole modern world.

Of course, everything that Man has invented and created is made out of the materials that God has created: the minerals, the oil, the wood, the plants, and so on. It seemed to me that God gave us the ability to go out and create whatever we wanted to of our own right. I felt, and still feel, there is no limit to what can be invented, designed, and created. No limit whatsoever.

With my realisation of The God Franchise came a subtle shift. What if it is not Man who creates all these new things? What if it is God who creates them through us instead? What if God is the Creator of everything, from the natural world and wonderful modern creations we have around us, to the atom bomb, the gun, the porn movie, and junk food?

God uses you and me as channels for His further creation. In reality, not even as channels. As I have said, God is you and me continuing His Creation through our forms. You and I have this false idea of self, which is effectively just Ego showing up. Ego says I created that or I designed this. Ego says I wrote this wonderful song or I painted this fantastic picture. If we remove Ego, all that is left is God creating.

What if we painted a picture, wrote a poem, or designed a spaceship and just accepted that it was good? Not that I was good, but rather “Look at this wonderful creation that God has created through me.” Let’s use, appreciate, and enjoy the creation, not the Ego that created it. God is the Creator. When we see a great painting, we don’t need to say “Wow, what a brilliant artist!” No, let’s say, “Wow, what a brilliant picture!” Or rather than “aren’t you a great cook,” say “what a great meal!” Or rather than “what a talented musician,” say “what a great piece of music or beautiful song.” The Creator is God in every instance, so thank Him.

 “And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good.”  (Genesis 1:31)  Even God didn’t say, “Behold, I am very good — look how clever I am.”

Of course, many human creators have been humble enough to recognise that it is not themselves as individual Egos who should be credited with their creations. But what about you and me? How often do we think we have just done something marvellous? We don’t need to know about how to create — that is not our job. Our job is to be the best channel we can be for the creation. By learning practical skills (art, music, design, writing, cooking, carpentry, welding, you-name-it), and by leaving the Ego out of it, we are creating the best channel we can for God’s work. Our second job is to appreciate and enjoy what has been created for us, and through us.

(This is an extract from Chapter 14 of my book, The God Franchise)

6 comments on “The Creation Continues …

  1. K. Mapson says:

    By the way, not to be indelicate but I noticed that you grouped “the porn movie” up there with the atom bomb, the gun, and junk food. That suggests to me a negative view of pornography? Those other things harm or kill people, on something of a pretty massive scale — but for mainstream pornography (depicting sexual acts between consenting adults) the numbers ‘harmed’ would be infinitesimal; I would think the opposite, indeed, that pornography helps many people to get greater pleasure out of life, whether used alone or with a partner. Blessings!!

    • Alan H. Dawe says:

      I might agree with you actually, but not everybody would. I put it in there as something which many people see in a bad light and which God has still created “through” us. On page 97 I say “Our Egos can even pervert the creative process so that what starts as a benign discovery (e.g. atomic power, motion pictures) is directed by Ego into being something we can view as being very evil (e.g. nuclear weapons, child pornography).” This is looking at things slightly differently.
      Nevertheless, I fear I take your comment far too seriously – I should just say “We’ll have no junk and no spam here!”

      • K. Mapson says:

        Well firstly I would strongly distinguish ‘pornography’ from ‘child pornography’ — as I limited my above comment to ‘acts between consenting adults.’ As I believe we provide experiential knowledge to our Creator, I posit that it follows therefrom, that we ought to give ourselves to maximizing the generation of positive experiences, and minimizing the generation of negative experiences. For this reason, I am quite seriously determined to defend the rights of people to engage in any sort of behavior they find pleasurable, so long is this behavior does not inflict harm on others (or, at least, rationally realized harm, for somebody who is offended by for example interracial couples still has no rational claim to being harmed by such a couples). Sexual freedoms (including those associated with nudity and pornography) are near the top of that list, being amongst the most pleasurable, and (if done with proper care and forethought) the least harmful, and yet being greatly maligned by those who would condemn them without really having a rational basis to do so.

      • Alan H. Dawe says:

        KM, I agree with your comments 100%, as is often the case. For any healthy person maximising positive experiences and minimising negative ones is the norm. What is more, the definition of positive and negative will differ by person, because it will be coloured by their beliefs and therefore any sense of guilt that might arise. I do believe in the Wiccan Rede “An it harm none, do what ye will” or the hippy philosophy of “Do whatever you want to do, just so long as you don’t hurt anybody”. As I say in the book, these principles are in keeping with the Christian (and Jewish) precept “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” That is always a good test of what is morally right or wrong for you. Thank you for your comments, KM, and many blessings, alan.

  2. K. Mapson says:

    I’ve written a good bit about this — it seems to me that our Universe is designed to enable us to discover its properties and use them to self-accelerate our evolution, genetically, biochemically, and technologically; and through that self-acceleration to branch out into our galaxy, there inevitably to meet other intelligent life which must have come about just as we have….

    Here, in fact, are a few of my essays relating aspects of this vision:


    • Alan H. Dawe says:

      Thank you KM (PF) for your thoughts on this. I read your essays above with interest, and agree to some great extant. My personal hesitation is only that, while you are probably 100% right in concept (as I agree that the universe has huge potential and effectively anything is possible), I would not personally want to get bogged down in that sort of speculation. I feel that realising one’s true identity is much more important. I guess it is outer space vs inner space! Many blessings and thanks, as always, alan. (Thank you for visiting me here 🙂 )

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