My First Copy of The God Franchise

I must interrupt my ruminations on God and the universe to say that today I received my first copy of The God Franchise from the printers. It looks brilliant and I am thrilled with how it has turned out. It is a proper book!

I have immediately put in an order for 250 copies so that I can supply my manuscript readers and supporters, and then have some to sell directly myself as well as supply a few selected New Zealand mind-body-spirit bookshops.

Most sales will be through online bookshops worldwide, and these will shortly be updated with the book. Then you can order your copy of The God Franchise :-). Don’t worry, I will keep you posted.

Did I say how lovely the book is? And how proud I am of it?


3 comments on “My First Copy of The God Franchise

  1. Alan H. Dawe says:

    Thank you Barb and Kate. Yes, it won’t be long until it is on Amazon. I will certainly be keeping an eye out and will let you know …

  2. Kate Whelan says:

    Great news Alan, congratulations! Hope to see it on Amazon soon…

  3. morganquiz says:

    What a thrill to receive the first copy of your book. You must be so proud of yourself on this achievement of having your work in print. I look forward to fully reading this wonderful piece of work.

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