We all are God Franchisees

So far in my blogs, I have suggested that God created the universe so that He could have experience, and also that He created the universe out of His very essence: Consciousness. I have even hinted that God experiences Himself through you and me and AS you and me, along with 6,999,999,998 other people. He also experiences His universe through every animal, bird, fish and every other creature on this Earth. Also through every plant and every inanimate object, even down to every atom that makes up the universe.

The book, The God Franchise, states that God-Consciousness can be seen as a Franchisor, and that you and I and every other person on this Earth individually is a Franchisee. By creating Mankind in His own image (Genesis 1:27), God-Consciousness franchised His Creative Power to each and every man and woman on Earth. In addition, God-Consciousness gave us free will (as He naturally has), consciousness, and purpose. In fact, He gave us all His qualities to a greater or lesser extent. He franchised everything to each of us in what may be termed The God Franchise.

Now, before you get too carried away with this concept, let’s look at it more closely. It does not mean that you can rush off and create universes. We have many veils covering our Godhead (such as unconsciousness, Ego, self, separateness, and materialism), and there are some other constraints I will cover in my next few blogs. Firstly, though, let’s run through God’s qualities briefly and see how they apply to The God Franchise we have been given. 

We are conscious; however, we do cover our consciousness beneath many veils. We do much that is unconscious and we are unaware of our true selves. We have a Higher Self and a Lesser Self, and only the Higher Self could be seen as truly conscious, although, of course, our Lesser Self cannot see even that.

We, as individuals, are not eternal; however, it is entirely possible/probable that we maintain our individuality for longer than just our present stay on Earth for three score years and ten. Our God Essence is eternal, and if and when we lose our individuality, we merely drop back into the Ocean of God-Consciousness, which is eternal.

We are not omnipotent; however, we do have all the power we need. The Law of Manifestation attracts into our experience whatever it is that we want or need, either consciously or unconsciously, and without fail.

We are not omnipresent; however, we are able to move outside our present location in time and space through our minds, and using modern communication systems. In spiritual terms, we can attain God-Consciousness through meditation and similar practices if we are so inclined. We can also be present at all times in the Now. Any restrictions on where and when we are present are self-imposed.

We are not omniscient; however, we can find out whatever it is we wish to discover. These days this is assisted through the Internet. The main constraint is our own Ego that holds us in limitations and preconceptions. We have the ability to shake off these shackles if we so desire. Any restrictions on what we know or understand are self-imposed.

We cannot create a universe; however, we do create our own lives. We create our lives through the Law of Manifestation whether we do it consciously or unconsciously. You could say we create our own universe.

We each have a purpose: to use our free will and to experience. We can direct this purpose wherever we wish to direct it, and, by being ourselves, we fulfil God’s purpose of experience.

We are omnibenevolent in our Higher Self; however, our Lesser Self is caught up in the illusion of the Ego. It is from the Ego and the misuse of our free will that evil derives.

We are immutable in our essence (Higher Self) as we are a splash in the Ocean of God-Consciousness; however, in the environment of time and space, and in terms of our Lesser Self, we do change. 

(Parts of this blog are quoted from Chapter 11 of my book, The God Franchise)

4 comments on “We all are God Franchisees

  1. Prometheus says:

    Simplicity is a great approach, something I strive for, but miss the mark on often. I would love to know where my writing becomes hard to understand so that I can know where I should expand upon most (if there are such specific places), so if you ever wish to comment more on that matter I would welcome any suggestions. My own grandmother is one of the biggest fans of my blog and her advice on what is confusing to her is very valuable to me. I understand that when I talk about the implications of technology there is somewhat of a generational divide in terms of understanding and acceptance, but I also believe strongly that we are all capable of understanding each other and that we should try our best to be understood and to understand.

    It’s very interesting the way I find conversations of drugs coming down to this concept of reality: those like yourself believe for good reason that distorting reality is a dangerous game to play, that a mind is a terrible thing to waste and that we shouldn’t try to escape from what is real. I personally have come to feel that there is no firm reality which we can refer to, that life itself is a mind trick.

    We may each be radical in our own way. I’ll be sure to follow your thoughts

    • Alan H. Dawe says:

      Thank you for following my blog, Prometheus. Simplicity is important in writing, and the key is to avoid jargon, or at least explain it. In my writing I say things repetitively too, in different ways, so that I get my message across. If I do use words that I think people may not understand, I put a definition there directly so that it is absolutely clear what I am writing about. To me it is important that every reader understands my message, rather than sounding important or knowledgeable. One could say, taking it to an extreme, that big words, lots of jargon, and esoteric concepts, come from Ego, and the writer is more interested in self-aggrandisement than getting their message across.

      I make lots of use of the dictionary and a thesaurus. And then when I have finished writing, I go through it all carefully and fix the errors, and make sure I have said things in the clearest possible way. Yes, it takes time, but it does aid communication.

      By the way, I think that you write well. Your writing is grammatical and succinct – I guess it is just some of the jargon that got me, and left me a little unsure of the real implication of what you were saying.

      Yes, I agree that reality is a little slippery and can seem unreal. However, without drugs adding to the confusion, I feel that my take on reality means that I can be present to what is here right now. I know from my little experience, and from talking to others, that drugs just make reality that much more uncertain, and so one cannot trust one’s own thoughts and perceptions. They could, for instance, be more paranoid than is necessary. It can be difficult to stop and get off the trip at any time at all. As a contrast, I can just stop whenever I need to.

      Go well, my friend, and don’t overdo the chemical substances… From what I have gleaned from your site and your writings here, you have a lot going for you. Bless you, alan.

  2. Prometheus says:

    wow, this is remarkably similar to my thoughts on god, though I come from a slightly different place than you I think and so our view differ ever so slightly.

    you may enjoy exploring my thoughts on my blog.

    • Alan H. Dawe says:

      Hi Prometheus. Thanks for visiting my blog. Great that you liked it, and maybe you will wander over every now and then as I continue in like vein. My book, The God Franchise, covers the whole subject in detail, and will be available in a month or so, say late February.

      Yes, we do come from different places. I am 3 times your age, so come from a very different perspective. I had a brief flirtation with pot in 1969/1970 and decided that it was too dangerous for me. As you say, it is psychologically addictive. I must admit it took me a couple of years to recover from the regular temptations to revisit the experience. I prefer to experience life straight so that I know my mind is not just playing tricks with me. A glass of wine or two every now and then is enough to get that different perspective on things, as one gets from harder drugs, and is less dangerous in my view.

      Re your scientific/futuristic approach to your blogs, I am afraid I find that style difficult to follow, mainly due to concepts with which I am unfamiliar. In my writing I have tried to use simple words, and come from a sense of spirituality, even if a little radical in some people’s eyes. I have resorted to dictionary definitions in my book in order to be absolutely clear what I mean. Nevertheless, I cannot fault your approach just because I cannot easily understand it. I would like to keep in touch with you, and read more of your views. I am intrigued! Best wishes, alan.

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