Why Did God Create a Universe? – Part 1 of 2

Before the universe was created, there was either absolutely nothing at all, or there was God-Consciousness. Since we have a complex universe around us, and you, I, and a few other people are here and alive, there could not have been nothing, since there would have been no motivation to get started and no raw material with which to start. Therefore, God-Consciousness had to exist prior to the start of the universe, prior to the Creation.

From my recent blogs you will have quite a good picture of God (or God-Consciousness), and perhaps an understanding of why I see Him as conscious, eternal, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, Creator, having a purpose, omnibenevolent and immutable.

But why did God bother to create a universe?

If we picture the scene before the Creation . . . well, there is not much of a scene to picture:

There is God-Consciousness and nothing else.

There is God-Consciousness and nothing else.

There is God-Consciousness and nothing else.

There is God-Consciousness and nothing else.

There is God-Consciousness and nothing else.

Great isn’t it?

So, there is God-Consciousness and nothing else. And God-Consciousness is eternal, all-powerful, all-knowing, and all-present. What is the point? You might ask. And no doubt God asked Himself the same question.

God needed to experience Himself; God-Consciousness needed to experience Itself. At this stage, God-Consciousness was no more than Potential, formless Potential. While we cannot even start to conceive of what that must be like, it would seem obvious there was not a lot for God to see or do. It would be a lonely existence. So, God needed to do something about it.

Being omnipotent and omniscient, He created a ball of His Energy and placed it in a space in His Mind/Being/Consciousness.

He then caused it to explode in a tremendous Big Bang…


Before we continue too far through this story, let’s spend a few moments looking at the motivation God-Consciousness had at this time.

God’s situation can be the same as ours. If He were not aware or conscious of His own Being, He would cease to exist. Since Consciousness needs to exist or there would be absolutely nothing, we can take it that God is aware of God-Consciousness, always, eternally.

If we consider the time before the Creation, before the Big Bang, we can see there was nothing except God-Consciousness. Nothing at all. Do you not think, in our terms, that God would be bored? His experience would be of…. Well, not a lot anyway. It would be like looking at a blank photograph. A photo of the inside of the lens cap. Looking at that eternally, that is, forever.

The story continues in Part Two…

(Parts of this blog are quoted from Chapter 8 of my book, The God Franchise)

2 comments on “Why Did God Create a Universe? – Part 1 of 2

  1. Alan H. Dawe says:

    The word “lonely” was a little tongue in cheek. However, as I indicated in my blog (and in my book, The God Franchise), if there was literally God only and NO universe, NO manifestation at all, but “just” God as consciousness, He would have no purpose, no expression, no nothing! I really believe that God needed to put His ideas into expression as a point of interest, so to speak. I don’t believe this is a question of rules or competition. It is “just” experiencing something instead of nothing. Imagine if you had one idea, say the number 1, and that was ALL you had, would you not, after an eternity of the number 1, say, well what else?
    I agree, we cannot be sure what God (God-Consciousness) is exactly, and how it all works, but if we use human terminology, I believe that God created the universe in order to have experience. He may have other words or meanings behind that, but that is as close as I have managed to get — “experience”.
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog, Noelle, and for your comment.

  2. Noelle Penshorn says:

    The one fault to your theory is that GOD was lonely and needed to experience himself. GOD doesn’t have a motive as he is outside of rules. He is boundless and doesn’t have motivation because he doesn’t need to compete.

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