God is Omnipresent

Yes, God is omnipresent. God-Consciousness is the essence of everything and, therefore, wherever there is something, there is God-Consciousness. He is immaterial in His essence, even if He is also present in all matter. There can be no place that exists where there is something that is not God-Consciousness.

God-Consciousness is present in every atom that exists — in every sub-atomic particle. He is also conscious at every level of grouping such as cells, organs, organisms, and so on. Omnipresence is thus the totality of these individual presences, if you like.

The God Franchise asserts that God (or God-Consciousness) was That that existed before there was any physical manifestation – before the Creation of the universe. Since there was no raw material with which to make a universe other than His own essence, God used consciousness. In effect, He differentiated His Consciousness into different forms and therefore one can readily say that He is in everything and is everything that exists.

The Bible says (Acts 17:28), “For in him we live, and move, and have our being.” This is literally true. God created the universe and everything in it inside His own Consciousness. The world is not out there — it is in here. In a sense, you and I and everything in the universe are merely thoughts in the Mind of God.

If I desire to enter the presence of God, to talk with Him, to get His support and help in any time of need, I only have to realise that He is here right now. He is here and is able to inspire me here and now. Other places don’t matter to me, only where I am right now. As it happens, God is here too.

God-Consciousness is everything that is. There is nothing else that exists. Therefore God is omnipresent, since there is no alternative.

(Parts of this blog are quoted from The God Franchise)


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