God is Omnipotent

Yes, God is omnipotent (all-powerful). This does not mean He can do the logically impossible, such as create a square circle. It just means if it can be done, God (God-Consciousness) can do it. There can be nothing more powerful than God-Consciousness because nothing exists or can exist that is not God-Consciousness. So, while you may be able to dream up some way in which God is not omnipotent, either you are asking for something which is intrinsically impossible and, therefore, nonsense, or you are dreaming up something that is unreal and does not and cannot exist.

There has been much argument on this point about whether God is or can even be all-powerful. Just think about it. If absolutely everything is held in God-Consciousness, then anything that exists or could exist is within the power of God to create. If something like the square circle is logically impossible, then God cannot create it either. This does not reduce His power. God-Consciousness can do whatever He can conceive of doing. Since there is nothing that can be conceived where God-Consciousness is not the one conceiving it, then nothing more powerful can exist. So, there is no need for any definition of what omnipotence means other than it is as powerful as it gets – however powerful that might be!

(Parts of this blog are quoted from The God Franchise)


4 comments on “God is Omnipotent

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  2. themathofgod says:

    i agree with your post. The problem is that we fallible humans attempt to put God in a human-shaped boxes. If God exists, He (and I use gender just because that is the reference we accept) must be omniscient, omnipotent, and omnipresent. Lacking any of these three would mean He is limited.

    • Alan H. Dawe says:

      You’re quite right. One of the biggest problems of the teachings of some religions is that God made Man in His image and likeness, and therefore God must be like us, a kind of SuperMan. The truth is the other way round. We are created in God’s image, so we have access to His atttributes. We are a subset of God – not in the sense that I can say I am God, but certainly that God is me. This is what The God Franchise is all about, showing how we have a God Franchise, and we are all God Franchisees.

      Thank you for your comment.

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