God is Conscious

Yes, God is conscious. In fact He is Consciousness itself. In essence all that exists is God-Consciousness. Even His Creation is Consciousness. As the scientists have seen, when you delve deeply into matter it dissolves into space. There is very little matter in matter, and what matter exists is derived from Consciousness. It is a denser form of the essence of God, which is Consciousness. We have used the term God-Consciousness as a reminder of what God really is.

So, the fundamental element of the universe is Consciousness. This had to pre-exist any possible physical earth. The universe started in a Big Bang 14 billion years ago, and before that these was nothing except Consciousness, the awareness and ability to determine choice of action, including to create a universe. Without that, there would have just continued to be nothing.

We know there is something (a universe) here rather than nothing, and the universe works pretty well, despite some people’s quibbles about certain aspects of it. Therefore why not call this Consciousness that set it all in motion, and underpins it, God. It does not matter if we do or not, but if we are interested in where we came from, why we are here, and what life is all about, the acceptance that there is this fundamental Consciousness at the heart of the matter, is of great interest to us, and has considerable explanatory value, as I have found in 371 pages of The God Franchise. (Yes, the exact number of pages of the printed book was determined today!)

Consciousness has no sense of separation from anything. It is totally aware and present in this moment. It has total experience. It has no need for doing — just being. It has no desires, no emotions, no human-like qualities — just pure consciousness.

Having said that in the best way I can, now let’s extend that sense of God-Consciousness into the realms of the Unknowable and just allow whatever is really there to be there as our unbiased, un-predetermined, unlimited, formless sense of God-Consciousness. This sense we now have is a tiny pointer to the true essence of God, which we can best simply call God-Consciousness.

(Parts of this blog are quoted from The God Franchise)




2 comments on “God is Conscious

  1. Hi,

    “Consciousness has no sense of separation from anything.”

    I’m curious as to your explanation…. How does it get from no separation to apparent separation as we perceive it in our world?

    • Alan H. Dawe says:

      Hi – I was wondering whether it was safe to slip that in or not – sure got a quick reaction! Let’s see how I can put this. God as Consciousness has no sense of separation from His Creation, including you and me. We are One with God as is often spoken of in spiritual circles. So in reality there is no separation. The apparent separation we see in the world, is firstly created by God as a Game of Life, if you like. Just as a football team needs 11 or more individual players to have a game, so God needs individual players in his universe to play the Game of Life.

      One of the purposes of our life is to have experience, and so, through us, to give God experience. Another purpose is for us to individually see through the appearance, the illusion of separateness, and return to the unity of God, like a splash in the ocean returns to the ocean. Is the splash separate from the Ocean, or is it just a momentary illusion of separation?

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