The God Franchise Chapter Headings

What a busy week, reading and rereading the manuscript, getting it ready for typesetting! Thank goodness for my excellent copyeditor and proofreader, Judith.

 It is time to share the chapter headings with you – here is a sneak preview.

 Part One

Does God Really Exist?


Chapter 1     Who or What is God?

Chapter 2     The Arguments For and Against God

Chapter 3     The Nature of God

Chapter 4     Consciousness


Part Two

What is The God Franchise?


Chapter 5     In the Beginning…

Chapter 6     The Story of Adam and Eve

Chapter 7    “But I Don’t Believe in Adam and Eve”

Chapter 8     Before the Creation and Why There is One

Chapter 9     Thoughts on Time and Space

Chapter 10   God’s Plan – the Ultimate Game

Chapter 11   The God Franchise

Chapter 12   Who Am I Then?

Chapter 13   The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil

Chapter 14   Creation and the Filters on It

Chapter 15   God’s Laws


Part Three

Comparing Our Beliefs


Chapter 16   Can We All Be Right?

Chapter 17   Approaching God

Chapter 18   Does God Exist?

Chapter 19   Is God One or Many?

Chapter 20   Is God a Personal God?

Chapter 21   Are God and His Creation One and the Same?

Chapter 22   Are There Many Paths or Only One?

Chapter 23   What Happens After We Die?

Chapter 24   Is Religion Necessary?

Chapter 25   What is Special about Humanity?

Chapter 26   Does Our Morality Come from God?

Chapter 27   So, What is Our Primary Problem?

Chapter 28   Why is it the Ego’s Fault?

Chapter 29   So, Do We Need to Strive for Anything?

Chapter 30   Are We There Yet?


Part Four

Daily Living as a God Franchisee


Chapter 31   What it All Means

Chapter 32   Taking Wise Action

Chapter 33   Secondary Gains

Chapter 34   Applying the Law of Manifestation

Chapter 35   It is All About Beliefs

Chapter 36   Your Environment

Chapter 37   Loss and Destruction           

Chapter 38   Sin and Temptation

Chapter 39   Judgement and Forgiveness           

Chapter 40   Working with Universal Law

Chapter 41   Prayer, Intuition and Inspiration

Chapter 42   God’s Grace

Chapter 43   Connections and Relationships

Chapter 44   So What is the Purpose of Life?


Part Five

Reaching a Conclusion


Chapter 45   What If The God Franchise is True?

Chapter 46   Benediction


The Appendices

Appendix I    The Atheists’ Case

Appendix II   The Scientists’ Case

Appendix III  The Theory of Evolution

Appendix IV  The Theists’ Case

Appendix V   Changing Horses





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  1. […] huge amount from it. It really became A Theory of Everything. The contents of the book can be found here or on the website […]

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