The Writing Process – Part One of Two

The process of writing my first full-length book, The God Franchise, has been very interesting. I started way back in 2003 writing a book with an emphasis on various aspects of life. After writing for about six months, I realised that the book needed, and I needed, more practical experience of what I was writing about.

Accordingly over next five years from late 2003 to late 2008 I studied and put into practice to a greater or lesser extent, spiritual healing, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), life coaching, bio-energetics, naturopathy, and The Journey.

I worked in spurts on my book, starting another book on aspects of health in 2005. In late 2008 and early 2009 I wrote a 96-page eBook on sleep, called Sleep, Glorious Sleep!. This was a commission, and I enjoyed researching and writing this book. In addition, in April 2009 I started writing a Weekly Healing Email to all my clients. I kept this up for 135 weeks, only deciding to stop this week as I start to focus on this blog as an alternative.

Also in 2009 I started a third book, which focused on the philosophical and practical aspects of the Law of Attraction, The Power of Now (Eckhart Tolle’s teachings) and The Journey. This book contained some interesting concepts, but was not flying.

In December 2009 I joined Brandon Bays, the founder of The Journey, and about 140 other Journey Practitioners on a three-week spiritual tour of India. On my return from India, I was in a state of openness about my life, and decided, after a couple of days, that now was the right time to complete my book!

I started work on it in February 2010, essentially beginning from scratch, the fourth time I had done this. Parts were based on the original 2003 book, and I pulled in the old material as I felt it was needed. Also many of the Weekly Healing Emails have found their way into this book. I saw real progress towards creating a book covering many different topics and aspects of life.

Then in August, after six months work, and with a book of about 80,000 words already in my computer, I suddenly came to the profound realisation that I had to put even this book on hold. I realised that Significant Things, as I have titled it, needs to be a second book, and that The God Franchise had to be first. (Part Two to follow).

What do you think about this?

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