What is Consciousness?

My assertion is that Consciousness is the fundamental element of the universe. Before the universe started, before the Big Bang, all that existed was Consciousness. Man has decided to call that Consciousness God. I prefer the name God-Consciousness.

According to the dictionary, consciousness with a small “c” is awareness of self, environment and mental activity, and the ability to determine choice of action. With a capital “C” I assert that Consciousness is all these plus there is the expectation that Consciousness is eternal, omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent (at least).

But what is consciousness really? You and I (I assume) are aware of ourselves as people. We both assume, I would guess, that all people will be equally aware of themselves. We might make exceptions for people who are new-born or perhaps handicapped in a cognitive way, but generally we can say that a person is conscious of his or her own self. We also assume that everyone is aware of their environment and of their own mind and the thoughts that are constantly commenting on what is being perceived. We might also expect that people have the ability to determine their own action, even if it is constrained in some way by outside forces.

Just for a few moments consider this. What is it like to be you? Recognise that you are totally unique. There is no one else in the universe who has a consciousness of being you. You by some strange happenstance are you. You have your own experience of life, your own thoughts and your own beliefs. These are all different to anybody else’s. You are consciousness coming from one particular perspective. You and your experience are unique. If you look around at other people, you can see that they are not you, yet you can be aware that they too, individually, have this same experience of being unique with their own unique experiences, thoughts and beliefs.

You can therefore definitely claim to be consciousness.

What of Consciousness with a capital “C”? Everything we have said above applies, and in addition, because we are applying this term as a name for God, we can add the qualities of being eternal, omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, and all the other qualities associated with God. (We will discuss these separately later)

So why should God be Consciousness or Consciousness be God? That is the real question. As I said in my previous blog, something had to have set the ball rolling in the universe, and that had to be something non-physical. Consciousness, or rather God-Consciousness, is rationally the only non-physical force that could have achieved this.

The only thing that scientists are aware of that is not physical is awareness itself. It is life and consciousness. Even time, energy and forces are reliant on physical things. However consciousness and being (life) are not necessarily dependent on anything physical. One can imagine that consciousness, being and intelligence could exist eternally in an uncaused way because physical laws do not apply to them.

As we said above, you can claim to be consciousness as it is what makes you exist. Yet scientists cannot explain the source or even the nature of either life or consciousness. The reason for this is that when we speak of life or consciousness, we are knocking on the door of the divine. Hence we speak of Consciousness and God-Consciousness. God-Consciousness is not only the only pre-existent and original force or being, but, as Consciousness was all that was available to Him as raw material, everything that has followed in the creation of the universe (and beyond), is Consciousness. The universe is made of the very fabric of God. You can say that we exist in the Mind of God. There is nothing else but God-Consciousness, and what He has chosen to develop (or allow to develop) from His Being and His Consciousness. The physical universe is Consciousness solidified into form.

Consciousness (with a capital C) is the fundamental element of the universe, and means nothing less than this.

(This is largely an extract from Chapter 4 of The God Franchise)


One comment on “What is Consciousness?

  1. annaajeers says:

    inspiring..loved ur posts

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