God is Omniscient

Yes, God is omniscient. God-Consciousness is in everything and is everywhere, as I have already covered in previous blogs. If God-Consciousness is the very substance of every aspect of our universe, and of all other possible universes, as well as of Himself, He is by definition omniscient. He knows everything that is, because He is everything that is. There is nothing else that exists.

He does not know what cannot be known at this time. For instance, 100 years ago, God did not know what a DVD player was. This is because even the greatest minds in the world had not conceived of a DVD player or anything remotely resembling that creation. Due to free will, we are free to create our own futures. We are God-Consciousness in essence, and in order to enable free will to operate, God-Consciousness has chosen not to view the future within our universe.

God adds to His knowledge as each of us adds to our knowledge. I, in myself, do not know everything, but what I know is adding to the totality of all knowledge that is known. God-Consciousness is that totality, and can be said to know it all – to be omniscient. This continual addition to knowledge is within time.

From a perspective outside time, God-Consciousness knows all there is to know, past, present and future, but within time, He experiences things as they happen in general terms. The ability of clairvoyants and fortune tellers to see the future does not contradict this statement, allowing of course that the seeing of the future is genuine and is not either trickery or the intuitive assessment of potentials, and that God-Consciousness is prepared in that instance to allow that future to be glimpsed. It is like God peaking beneath the blindfold of time if He has reason or purpose to do so.

However you put it, because God is everything, He must know everything, and is therefore omniscient. That is the bottom line.

(Parts of this blog are quoted from The God Franchise)

God is Omnipresent

Yes, God is omnipresent. God-Consciousness is the essence of everything and, therefore, wherever there is something, there is God-Consciousness. He is immaterial in His essence, even if He is also present in all matter. There can be no place that exists where there is something that is not God-Consciousness.

God-Consciousness is present in every atom that exists — in every sub-atomic particle. He is also conscious at every level of grouping such as cells, organs, organisms, and so on. Omnipresence is thus the totality of these individual presences, if you like.

The God Franchise asserts that God (or God-Consciousness) was That that existed before there was any physical manifestation – before the Creation of the universe. Since there was no raw material with which to make a universe other than His own essence, God used consciousness. In effect, He differentiated His Consciousness into different forms and therefore one can readily say that He is in everything and is everything that exists.

The Bible says (Acts 17:28), “For in him we live, and move, and have our being.” This is literally true. God created the universe and everything in it inside His own Consciousness. The world is not out there — it is in here. In a sense, you and I and everything in the universe are merely thoughts in the Mind of God.

If I desire to enter the presence of God, to talk with Him, to get His support and help in any time of need, I only have to realise that He is here right now. He is here and is able to inspire me here and now. Other places don’t matter to me, only where I am right now. As it happens, God is here too.

God-Consciousness is everything that is. There is nothing else that exists. Therefore God is omnipresent, since there is no alternative.

(Parts of this blog are quoted from The God Franchise)

God is Omnipotent

Yes, God is omnipotent (all-powerful). This does not mean He can do the logically impossible, such as create a square circle. It just means if it can be done, God (God-Consciousness) can do it. There can be nothing more powerful than God-Consciousness because nothing exists or can exist that is not God-Consciousness. So, while you may be able to dream up some way in which God is not omnipotent, either you are asking for something which is intrinsically impossible and, therefore, nonsense, or you are dreaming up something that is unreal and does not and cannot exist.

There has been much argument on this point about whether God is or can even be all-powerful. Just think about it. If absolutely everything is held in God-Consciousness, then anything that exists or could exist is within the power of God to create. If something like the square circle is logically impossible, then God cannot create it either. This does not reduce His power. God-Consciousness can do whatever He can conceive of doing. Since there is nothing that can be conceived where God-Consciousness is not the one conceiving it, then nothing more powerful can exist. So, there is no need for any definition of what omnipotence means other than it is as powerful as it gets – however powerful that might be!

(Parts of this blog are quoted from The God Franchise)

So This is Christmas

John and Yoko’s very popular Christmas anthem “Happy Xmas (War is Over)” has the refrain:

      “A very Merry Christmas

       And a happy New Year

       Let’s hope it’s a good one

       Without any fear

       War is over, if you want it”

and ends with the words:

      “War is over now”.

This is my wish for you and yours. I especially like the reminder that “War is over, if you want it. War is over now”. This has more to say than the usual meaning of the word “war”, and includes all fighting, whether with a supposed enemy, with any others or with one’s self. Anyway, war with others always boils down to war with one’s self first. War is over, if you want it.

We may struggle all year with ourselves, with others and with stress, overwork, exhaustion, pain, insecurity and so on, and at Christmas this somehow seems to be heightened. Everything conspires to exacerbate what it is you already feel. This is why many people dread the approach of Christmas.

But you don’t need to feel that way. War is over if you want it. You are in charge of how you feel, or you certainly are “if you want it”. Your consciousness is the source of your entire experience in life. What you expect, how you think, how you react, how you are, is exactly what you get back from the world at large.

You may feel that it is not quite as cut and dried as that, but if you go to the very essence of your human self, you will find that on balance, yes, your life is pretty much what you put into it. War is over, if you want it. But do you want it?

Governments don’t want to stop war because there is money in war. There is employment in war. There is power in war. There is pride in war.

Which wars don’t you want to stop – because you have vested interests, be it money, something to do, power, pride or whatever else is your benefit from that war? There are always what are called secondary gains in actions and non-actions. These are the hidden benefits in keeping up the war. Mind you, are they really benefits?

So whatever you feel about Christmas this year is a heightened sense of what you feel about life the rest of the year. Your experience is just enhanced. So rejoice in that! Christmas offers clarity. If you are joyful and full of love, know that this is your reality bubbling forth. If you are generous and giving, this is your reality. However if you are sad, lonely, depressed, or contracted at Christmas, know that this too is a reflection of your inner reality during the year, even if you have been successful in covering it up most of the time. Christmas heightens everything.

The good news is that one week later is New Year. “Let’s hope it’s a good one Without any fear”. You have the opportunity to change your consciousness to better express where you would like to be. Open into the you that you choose to be in the New Year. Realise that you have a full year to practice this new you, and then you can see how you have succeeded when next Christmas comes around to focus you …

And more good news. We have been talking about the “you” that I refer to as the Lesser Self, the Ego, the Mind and personality. Know that your Higher Self is there behind that, and that the Higher Self expresses and radiates the true essence of you, “if you want it”. And if you do, just open your heart and allow your true Self to reveal itself. See your consciousness blossom and heal, see the joy of the little innocent you grow up into the wise, experienced, self-affirming, radiant and life-embracing you.

War is over, if you want it. War is over now. To paraphrase Gandhi, be the peace you want to see in the world.

Happy Christmas to you and yours. Be present.

Many blessings


Alan H. Dawe

God Is Eternal

Yes, God is eternal. This means that God-Consciousness has no beginning and no end. It is difficult for us to conceive of anything having no beginning and no end because in our experience there is nothing like that. Nevertheless, logically, it is possible there could be something outside time. There is no reason whatsoever why Consciousness cannot be eternal. Perhaps a good analogy is the Laws of Mathematics. They are eternal would you not agree? No one invented 1 + 1 = 2. It just is, was, and always will be.

It is totally reasonable for God to be eternal, even if nothing else is. Everything has to have a cause, as something cannot come out of nothing. Since there needs to be a cause for everything, there cannot be a time when the Prime Cause, or the very first cause, did not exist. Going back to the very beginning of time and beyond, we find the Prime Cause, and because of Its absolute significance to everything that has followed, people have decided to call It God, or as I have suggested,  God-Consciousness.

The conundrum of Which came first, the chicken or the egg? can only have one answer. God either created the chicken or the egg to start things off. I am not saying this in the sense of the Book of Genesis, but in terms of the theory of evolution. The process had to start somewhere — neither chickens nor eggs are eternal.

So, which came first? I would suspect it is God!

(Parts of this blog are quoted from The God Franchise)

God is Conscious

Yes, God is conscious. In fact He is Consciousness itself. In essence all that exists is God-Consciousness. Even His Creation is Consciousness. As the scientists have seen, when you delve deeply into matter it dissolves into space. There is very little matter in matter, and what matter exists is derived from Consciousness. It is a denser form of the essence of God, which is Consciousness. We have used the term God-Consciousness as a reminder of what God really is.

So, the fundamental element of the universe is Consciousness. This had to pre-exist any possible physical earth. The universe started in a Big Bang 14 billion years ago, and before that these was nothing except Consciousness, the awareness and ability to determine choice of action, including to create a universe. Without that, there would have just continued to be nothing.

We know there is something (a universe) here rather than nothing, and the universe works pretty well, despite some people’s quibbles about certain aspects of it. Therefore why not call this Consciousness that set it all in motion, and underpins it, God. It does not matter if we do or not, but if we are interested in where we came from, why we are here, and what life is all about, the acceptance that there is this fundamental Consciousness at the heart of the matter, is of great interest to us, and has considerable explanatory value, as I have found in 371 pages of The God Franchise. (Yes, the exact number of pages of the printed book was determined today!)

Consciousness has no sense of separation from anything. It is totally aware and present in this moment. It has total experience. It has no need for doing — just being. It has no desires, no emotions, no human-like qualities — just pure consciousness.

Having said that in the best way I can, now let’s extend that sense of God-Consciousness into the realms of the Unknowable and just allow whatever is really there to be there as our unbiased, un-predetermined, unlimited, formless sense of God-Consciousness. This sense we now have is a tiny pointer to the true essence of God, which we can best simply call God-Consciousness.

(Parts of this blog are quoted from The God Franchise)



Qualities Associated with God

If we can clearly understand the qualities associated with God, we will have a much better idea of how the universe originated, why we are here, and how it all works! If we assume that God is our Source, and The God Franchise explains why this has to be the case, I feel it is important that we make some sense of the qualities associated with God. This helps us to place God in context in our lives, As well as helps us to really understand why things are as they are, and why we can assert, as I do, that everything is in its right place, and everything is perfect just as it is.

I am going to take this opportunity to list these qualities, and then we can look at them one by one, over the next few days. 

The God Franchise accepts most of the qualities that religious or spiritual people associate with God, or God-Consciousness as I prefer to think of Him. I say Him, and I use masculine pronouns through most of the book, but of course God is neither male nor female, not both, but rather is best described as It, when it comes to pronouns! Not very flattering when we are talking about the most important aspect of the whole of life and the universe!

While different religions and beliefs have various expectations of the nature of God, I would like to propose that the following qualities can be expected of God, if He is worth His salt:

  • God is conscious
  • God is eternal
  • God is omnipotent (all-powerful)
  • God is omnipresent (present everywhere)
  • God is omniscient (all-knowing)
  • God is the Creator of the universe
  • God is likely to have a purpose for His Creation
  • God is likely to be absolutely good (omnibenevolent)
  • God is likely to be immutable (unchanging through time).

You may not accept all these qualities for God right now; although you might agree that if a God who displayed these qualities existed, He would definitely be worthy of the name, God.

What do you think? There is a comments box just here…